Bamboo Plumbing

Bamboo Plumbing Heating and Cooling a family-run and privately-held corporation, is a full- service plumbing and heating supply providing high-quality. Our expertise and knowledge result from years of experience.

We at Bamboo Plumbing Heating and Cooling pride ourselves on customer service and relationships. Care and professionalism are the order of the day when handling every demand large or small. Our know-how and technical skills allow us to carry basic plumbing and heating supplies, as well as specialized items that require additional knowledge and training for proper use and installation. We are familiar with local regulations to ensure that the items we carry meet applicable code requirements.



We provide same-day, full-service professional installation of new toilets, urinals, and bidets. Broken toilet? No problem for our highly trained plumbers. From toilet tank repair and leaking toilets to valve replacements, fixing leaking seals and wall mounted toilets; there aren't any toilet problems we can't solve.

When toilet problems require replacing your old toilet with a new one, we can handle it on the spot. We highly recommend quality toilets. We carry replacement toilets on our service vehicles to eliminate the need for a follow-up service call.

Before you can begin your toilet installation, you must check that the roughed in plumbing is ready to accept the toilet. You also need to decide whether you will be able to fit flooring around the base of the new toilet after you have fitted it, or whether it would be prudent to fit some flooring around the toilet floor flange during the toilet installation. In most cases, flooring should be fitted during toilet installation.